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This year, September's scheduled fly-in for the Sanderson Field RC Flyers(SFRCF) occurred at the same time as the Port of Shelton Autumn Festival.

SFRCF was asked to participate in the Port's festival with a display of model aircraft and with an information booth. In addition, SFRCF provided trainers and aircraft during the fly-in, in order to give the public a chance to experience the thrill of flying radio controlled model aircraft. Melding the events together worked very well as SFRCF's flying field is adjacent to the location of the festival.

On Thursday, September 11, club members brought a fantastic collection of aircraft to the large hanger where the indoor activities were to take place (Figure 1).

F1: Bringing in the Display Aircraft
Bringing in the Display Aircraft

Club volunteers worked for some three hours, to create slings and labels for the aircraft (Figure 2) and helped the port workers hang the aircraft from the high hanger ceiling.

Figure 2: Making the Sling & Label
Making the sling for the aircraft

The Port supplied a large lift with driver and an assistant to hang the aircraft--and also supplied webbing and rope for the slings (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Port Workers
Port Workers

The end result was a spectacular display of a huge variety of model aircraft (Figure 4). The aircraft had to be hung before festival booths and tables were set up below them.

Figure 4: Final Display
Port Workers

On Saturday morning, Jody and Sharon Diaz set up the SFRCF booth.

Figure 5: Fog at Sanderson Field!      
Weather Statistics Saturday morning's foggy weather did not look good for flying (Figure 5). However, visitors to the Port's festival began to arrive in large numbers.

The SFRCF's booth turned out to be a popular stopping place for many of the visitors. It included a VCR/DVD player with exciting shows and a flight simulator. The booth was "manned" by Jody Diaz throughout the event. Others, Sharon Diaz included, were also at the booth to answer questions and help with the videos and flight simulator (Figure 6).

Figure 6: Jody & Sharon Diaz at the SFRCF Booth

At about 11:00 AM, the fog melted away leaving a beautiful, calm sky for the rest of the day. The public began to arrive at the flying field almost at once and continued to arrive until the end of the event.

Figure 7: Pilot Training
Pilot Training Dick Robb, Bob Andrew, Gordy Osberg, Chuck Kentfield, and Dave Fisher provided future pilots with flight training. Interested parents had the opportunity to explore the costs and best approach to RC flying for their children. Older RC pilots who had not recently flown also expressed interest in beginning again. The focused attention and excitement of the younger pilots was a pleasure to watch (Figure 7-8). Hats off to the SFRCF trainers and other members who made this experience possible for the public.

Figure 8: On the Buddy Box
On the Buddy Box

As for the club's fly-in, there were many flights by members throughout the afternoon: the flying conditions were ideal. There was even time for a little dog training (Figure 9).

Figure 9: Time for a Little Dog Training
Dog Training

Everyone also enjoyed the exhibits at the Festival. These included aircraft, hot-rods, and dragsters, not to mention the many booths and the Northwest Seafood Chowder Cook-Off.

Monday morning, club members reported to the hanger to remove the display aircraft. After this job, there was still plenty of time to get in some good flying at the field.

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