Sanderson Field R/C Flyers New Pilot Trainer Aircraft Reference Guide

By Tom Strom Jr.

Getting started in radio-controlled(RC) flying can be difficult. There is such a huge variety of aircraft and equipment advertised on the Web and in magazines that it is hard for a new pilot to select the right planes and equipment for initial flight training. Advertisements make even difficult-to-fly aircraft seem easy to fly. In order to help with the selection of an appropriate—and thoroughly flight tested—trainer package, Tom Strom Jr. has put together a handy reference guide.

The reference guide for new pilots includes recommendations for planes, engines, batteries, and more—everything a new pilot needs to make good decisions about what to buy. The guide includes information about both gas and electric aircraft. You can choose to download the guide in either a Word document or as a PDF (see the links below).

Select Digitals recommends contacting a local RC club and discussing the best ways to begin flight training. Programs like the flight-training at Sanderson Field include club-provided trainers and equipment that you can try. Experienced instructors and pilots can answer questions that new pilots have about planes, radios, and flying. The instructors and pilots can also help trainees learn to operate their own equipment when they have made their purchases.

Tom Strom Jr. and Student Dee Grout on the Flight Line at Sanderson Field
Tom Strom Sr. and Student Dee Grout on the Flight Line at Sanderson Field


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