2016 Olympic Airshow

The Olympic Airshow images were taken between June17 and June 19, 2016: Friday, June 17, was a setup day. The air show was held at the Olympia Regional Airport, Olympia, Washington.

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I hope you enjoy viewing these images as much as I enjoyed taking them.

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Friday, June 17

On Friday, June 17, 2016, Dick Robb and I arrived at the Olympic Flight Museum at 08:00 AM. The museum is located at the Olympia Regional Airport. Nothing could be done on the apron until departing and arriving aircraft were processed off of the apron and the apron roped off. Other members from the Sanderson Field RC Flyers (SFRCF) and the Thurston County Miniature Aircraft Assn. (TCMAA) arrived at the museum while we waited. The museum's aircraft normally on display had already been moved from the hangar when we arrived.

Bud and Ross Granley Arrive

The first aircraft to arrive on the apron was a YaK-18T flown by Ross Granley followed by a Yak-55 flown by his father, Bud. I very much enjoyed an unobstructed view of the arrival.



Renny Price Arrives

Renny Price had planned to arrive with the Granley's but was 75 miles away when the Granleys reached the airport, so the Granley's landed first. Renny flys a Sukhoi-29.

An Early Morning Walkabout

I love to be early at events like this so as to observe the “behind the scene” preparations. The museum staff were already hard at work when we arrived. Some vendors were setting up their stands—including the all important latte stand, The Pony Espress-O. While we were waiting, I was able to admire and photograph some of the aircraft on the apron.

Setup on the Apron Begins

When the apron was clear of active aircraft, it was closed to further traffic. The “Smoke & Thunder” trailer arrived. As in past airshows, the service dog was on duty.

Setting up the RC Tent

On Thursday, June 16, Jody Diaz, with help from his son Cameron, loaded his trailer with the SFRCF's tent and dropped the trailer off at Dick's home for use the next day. The trailer was used to securely store the display aircraft Friday and Saturday nights. After arriving at the airport, Dick consulted with the museum staff for information about when he could begin the display setup. When the airport apron was ready for setup, the tent was quickly erected and the display models safely stored in the trailer. After a group photo in front of Renny Price's beautiful Sukhoi, Dick drove the trailer to a secured parking area, completing the day's work on the RC display. Those helping with the setup and providing display models included Dick Robb, Tom Gallagher, Sonny Lewis, Royce Tivel, Robert (Bob) Treinen, and Juan Hernandez.

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About the Images

The images were taken with a Canon Rebel T3i. I used Canon EF 100mm macro, EFS 60mm macro, and EFS 18-55mm lenses for the images. All images received simple processing in Photoshop and were saved as low-resolution JPEG images that were optimized for the Web. See "A New Photographic System for an Old Photographer" for more information about my (now somewhat dated) photographic system.