A Fly-in at Hunter Farms

On May 16, the Sanderson Field RC Flyers (SFRCF) held a fly-in at Hunter Farms, Union, Washington: the club's grass flying field is located at the farm. The day was cloudy but the flying conditions were otherwise great.

The images below are 1000px wide and are best displayed on a desktop monitor. The images will, however, scale to small displays.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed capturing them.


The Grass Field

Dick's Radian

Jody and Sharon Fly the “Stars and Stripes”

Dick's Ugly Stick

Jack Flys Solo

Bob's Ugly Stick

Dick's Mustang

Hunter Farms

About the Images

The images were taken with a Canon Rebel T3i. I used Canon 60mm and 100mm macro lenses for most of the images but also used a standard 18-55mm lens for a couple of wide-angle shots of the flying field. All images received simple processing in Photoshop and were saved as low-resolution JPEG images that were optimized for the Web. See "A New Photographic System for an Old Photographer" for more information about my photographic system.